Gateway Disc Golf

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Gateway Chief 2-3 Days

Gateway Chief

We’re bringing back the Chief and have removed about .25″ from the rim depth and overall height...


Gateway Chief OS

The Chief OS is an over-stable Chief giving it more accurate hyzer line. It’s ideal for drives and..

Gateway Devil Hawk 2-3 Days

Gateway Devil Hawk

The Devil Hawk is a low profile putt and approach disc with a bullet shaped nose and a bead on the w..


Gateway Magic

The Magic is one of our most popular putters, and one of the best all-around discs for both new play..

Gateway Shaman 2-3 Days

Gateway Shaman

The Shaman is to the Chief as is the Magic is to the Wizard. The Shaman is blunt on the nose with a ..


Gateway Voodoo

The Voodoo is Gateway’s newest, fastest, and most accurate putt/approach disc. It is a great lay-u..


Gateway War Spear

The War Spear is low profile putt and approach disc with a blunt nose and no bead. It also has a Thu..


Gateway Warlock

The Gateway Warlockâ„¢ is very similar to the Wizard but without the signature bead. As a result, th..


Gateway Wizard

Our most popular disc of any kind, the Gateway Wizardâ„¢ is a true, stable workhorse putter. The Wiz..