Copyright Notice

What you CAN’T use for your design

Names, logos, pictures or other intellectual property of musical groups or musical artists OR their lyrics.

  • Names, logos, pictures, or other intellectual property of sports teams, colleges/universities, clubs or organizations such as Boston Red Sox, Girl Scouts of America, or Harvard University.
  • Characters, images, actors or likenesses from cartoon networks, comic books, video games, movies, and television shows.
  • Trademarks, names or logos for companies. For example you can not use the name Nike, Nike “Just Do It” or the swoosh logo.
  • Photos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting a celebrity. Just because you take a picture of a celebrity, draw it or trace their likeness, it does not give you the right to use the image on shirts. “But it is my own drawing” Well, it isn’t that simple and even if there is no evidence
  • Any image or graphic that is not listed as free for commercial use (i.e. images you find on Google images).While it may seem like no one will notice, it is a violation unless you the original author has clearly stated it is free for commercial usage.
  • Phrases/Quotes/Sayings from various forms of media including television, books, lyrics etc.
  • Internet Meme / Viral Video inspired t-shirt designs. Many internet memes are based on someones image and can’t be used. And creating t-shirts inspired by a viral video can be a problem. Many times those who create a video do not plan to and there may be some lines that would make for great t-shirts.

What you CAN use

  • Any image or graphic that is royalty free for COMMERCIAL use.
  • Any image or graphic that is considered public domain.
  • Any image or graphic that is 100% your design.