Custom Printed Discs FAQ


Information on Custom Printed Discs

Q. What types of discs can be printed on?

A. The technology we use for printing is state of the art UV Cured ink and can be printed on any surface including glass. 

Base level plastics can be printed on, however as everyone who has ever tried to dye a DX or PRO D disc knows the base level plastics do cause adhesion problems and this is no different with our process, however our process is more durable on these plastics than DYE or solvent based printing. Unfortunately we cannot provide any guarantees on printing on base level plastics.

Disc Stalker strongly recommends against selecting discs in base level plastics for custom printing.

Q. What types of images can be printed?

A. We can print anything from high resolution photographs to simple illustrated art and everything in between. 

Q. How durable is the print?

A.The key to longevity and durability is pre-treating the plastic in order to remove any oils or other surfactants that are part of the manufacturing process. We use a propriety pre-treatment process that totally removes the existing stamp and etches the surface so that the ink will adhere to the plastic strongly. We continue to improve our process, however we have tested it by using nails, scissors and even our teeth in an attempt to scratch it or remove it and are sure that it actually adheres better than the original stamp on the disc. Once it is printed, the print cannot be removed by any of the solvents that are typically used to remove the stamp.

Also, the adhesion is impacted by the type of plastic, the following is a guide to adhesion on the various plastics.

Innova DXStrong
Innova ChampionStronger
Innova PROStrongest
Innova StarStrongest

 Q. How does the disc and size of the image printed affect the resolution and quality of the image as it gets near the edge of the disc?

A. The more domey the disc is the more you will lose resolution as the print gets near the edge. Domey discs like a ROC or a MAKO, or an Archon will have a bit pf blurring as the disc drops off to the edge, this actually adds kind of a cool affect to the disc. We have successfully printed up to a half inch drop off edge to edge and the disc looks fantastic.