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Discraft Glide

Great for beginners and pros too, the Glide™ is easy to throw... and just keeps going! Grab a Glide™..


Discraft Heat

The Heat™ debuted as the 2014 Ace Race proto and quickly caught fire with players for its control, g..


Discraft Impact

Easy to throw and easy to control, the Impact will help you to stay in the fairway and lower your sc..


Discraft Magnet 2-3 Days

Discraft Magnet

The Magnet™ is our flagship putter, and is used by thousands of seasoned disc golfers. Not too hard,..


Discraft Mantis

The Mantis™ is a utility driver for experienced players, and a distance driver for newer players. A ..


Discraft Meteor

The Meteor™ fits nicely into our midrange lineup next to the Comet™, and delivers steady, controlled..


Discraft Nuke

Longer drives are now as easy as pushing a button: NUKE™ delivers virtually effortless maximum dista..


Discraft Nuke SS

NUKE SS gives developing players the means to get the distance of more advanced throwers without nee..


Discraft Predator

The Predator™ is our most predictable overstable driver. It holds a line in the wind, or turns a hyz..


Discraft Roach

A straight flier with extra glide, the Roach™ is crafty in avoiding danger while incessantly pursuin..


Discraft Surge

Whether you're throwing downwind or into a moderate headwind, Surge™ will deliver maximum distance w..


Discraft Surge SS

A max distance driver for players who don't have quite enough snap to maximize the original Surge's ..


Discraft Undertaker

Most players have one versatile driver they reach for most often, and Undertaker is the new choice. ..


Discraft Wasp

The Wasp™ is our most popular overstable midrange. Superbly consistent flight characteristics for sh..


Discraft Xpress

Reach for Xpress™ when you need to throw a long, slow anhyzer. Xpress will hold that turnover line a..